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Privacy Policy


Parrish Electric Inc. has created this Privacy Policy to relay our commitment to our clients' and visitors' privacy and privacy-related concerns. We recognize the importance of protecting the privacy of our clients. We use our best efforts to ensure that information submitted to our firm, or information that Parrish Electric Inc. is granted access, will remain private.
Parrish Electric Inc. does not collect personal information (i.e., names, e-mail addresses, etc.) unless specifically provided or furnished by the user on a voluntary basis, nor do we resell personally identifiable information acquired by our organization.     
Our Use of Your Information
We internally use your information to help improve our development department, assist in project collaboration, and create additional products and services.
If you voluntarily subscribe to our monthly e-newsletter, The Parrish Electric Inc. Bulletin, you will receive the newsletter until we discontinue its publication or in the event that you unsubscribe. Your request to unsubscribe will be immediately honored and updated in our system.
We may disclose personally identifiable information to third parties that we hire about your organization that may provide services or products to your organization. Highly sensitive information is not disclosed to third-party vendors or suppliers     in most instances.
Parrish Electric Inc. reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy. Any change will be posted or announced. We will provide you with Privacy Policy changes as we alter our policy to ensure that we continue to protect your privacy. Any questions or concerns about our Privacy Policy should be directed to our corporate headquarters: Parrish Electric Inc., 3 E. Boundary Perry, Oklahoma 73077
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